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Diggin' On You

Diggin' On You


Izaak Calloway is young, carefree, and ambitious. He has everything a young gay man could want: the love and support of his family, a promising career with the money to match, and his own place and a fancy new car. And, when it comes to sex – he is an expert in that field. The one thing Izaak knew how to do is pull a man and he isn’t ashamed of his many adventurous sexcapades. While sleeping around with “trade” is fun, Izaak wants something more profound. He wants a meaningful relationship.


Late one night while Izaak was out eating, he saw the man who would forever change his life. A chance encounter with that same guy, DeMarkkis, a few weeks later would help set the stage for a romantic rendezvous between the pair. To Izaak, outwardly, DeMarkkis “Squirrel” Sanders is the perfect man and lover. And while DeMarkkis only has eyes for Izaak, his past raised some questions. Will DeMarkkis ever be able to escape those old demons, or would they eventually find its way into their new relationship?


Join Izaak and DeMarkkis on the first part of this two-book adventure as they test the waters of a young, burgeoning relationship. Will DeMarkkis be Izaak’s knight in shining armor, or will external factors cause this relationship to go up in flames?

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