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Tears of the Son

Tears of the Son

Choices have consequences.


Sixteen-year-old TJ Shaw had to grow up fast as he is juggling the responsibilities of fatherhood, school, and being the top athlete while trying to maintain an active social life. Even though the relationship with his son’s mother is on shaky ground, other factors in his life are triggering him to make poor decisions. As TJ’s friendship with Seven Richardson blossoms, it has the potential to disrupt TJ’s world as he knows it. While TJ is dealing with his own horrible circumstances, his best friend, Elijah, is on the brink of disaster.

Elijah McDaniel is going through a lot emotionally. Although his sexuality is no secret to those closest to him, it is his secret life that could potentially cause him great harm – mentally, physically, and socially. While he’s alienating the people who care for him, it is possible that a chance encounter could thrust Elijah into unfamiliar and very dangerous territory. What will cause TJ and Elijah’s relationship to be pushed to the point of no return? Will their friendship still stand once the dust settles?  


Come join our friends in the first book of this spinoff series from Jaxon Grant’s Life of a College Bandsman, as our favorite sons, TJ and Elijah, come together to reveal their truths. And one thing to be true in this story – the truth will not be pretty.

Tears of the Son 2:
Dangerous Games

Twenty days. Nothing will ever be the same for these friends again in exactly twenty days.

TJ’s past transgressions are coming back to haunt him in a big way. But the big question still remains – what exactly did TJ do? On the other hand, Elijah’s trip to Florida will turn his life around and have him standing on stable ground, but will it last? Will Elijah’s secrets finally catch up to him?

While these acquaintances are going through their everyday routine, unbeknownst to them, a storm is brewing in the background. In the days following the passage of this storm, the pieces of the puzzle will start to fit together as the entire buildup of this book finally takes shape. How is Seven connected to both TJ and Elijah’s unfortunate events? Everybody is playing a dangerous game but at what cost? In the final analysis, lives will be shattered. People will be exposed. Death will be upon us.

Join TJ, Elijah, and Seven in this meticulously crafted second entry to this series, as the group of friends embark upon challenges that will shape the rest of their lives. And then on the twentieth day, the chain reaction of all these dangerous games will go up in flames! Who goes to jail? Who will receive devastating news? Most importantly, whose door does death pay a visit to?

Tears of the Son 3:
Free Yourself

Choices. You cannot escape the consequences of your choices.

TJ’s choices have landed him in a whirlwind of trouble. Legal trouble. As he faces the biggest challenge of his life, he is also demanding answers about his past. Will TJ beat this case that is moving through the criminal justice system, or will his future come tumbling down? Will TJ have to reap the consequences of what he has sown?

The choices Seven made are haunting his mind. Several people believe he was responsible for the Jaquez situation and that choice he made will return some grim results. While Seven tries to shake off the mistakes of his past, a new love interest develops. The choices he makes with this love interest can also come at a costly price. For Seven, do the ends justify the means?

Insert Elijah. His past choices have led him to his new truth which causes the relationship with his mother to take a drastic turn for the worst. But why? What is really causing these problems in his home? What is really at the core of Elijah’s issues? Is his mother to blame? Or is it something deeper? What will Elijah do when the demons in his head take him to a place of no return?

While the friends tackle these storms in their lives, something more sinister is at work. A plan is being crafted to destroy them at their core. Dark secrets will be revealed. The ultimate betrayal will occur. Someone will meet their untimely death. In their world, all bets are off. Who can you trust? Who do you trust?

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