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Crimes of the Heart

Jaxon Grant Crimes of the Heart
Crimes of the Heart


Everyone deserves to be loved. But with constant abuse from his step-father and his mother’s contempt, Christian Goodley isn’t so sure. Being gay in high school is hard enough. Also being the black sheep in the family with only one friend in the world makes life damn near impossible to bear. But when Christian’s path crosses with a new teacher his senior year, a ray of hope brings new life and meaning to his world.

Damien Duvel, a recent college graduate and History teacher, forges a bond of friendship with Christian that the young man so desperately needs. As their relationship evolves and matures the rumor mill in the school starts turning. Hushed whispers and sidelong glances turn to outright accusations.

For both Christian and Damien it would seem that fate had brought them together. But with so many factors conspiring against them, it is unclear whether they can tow the fine line they walk without stepping away unscathed emotionally or physically.

Jaxon Grant Crimes of the Heart 2: The Aftermath
Crimes of the Heart 2:
The Aftermath


Christian Goodley did the unthinkable and now he’s left everyone to suffer the consequences of his actions. His family returned home from church, only to find him laying on the floor, in a pool of his own blood. 

At the hospital, Vivian got the devastating news about her son. With the family trying to put the pieces of their lives back together, Vivian is having stomach pains and after an important phone call, returned to the hospital. There, she received two additional pieces of information that forever altered the course of her life. Consequently, Vivian set forth a plan of action to undo years of her wrongdoings. While Vivian was focused on her plan and protecting her life-changing secrets, tensions start to brew between Cordell and his stepfather. This unfolds a past of abuse, lies and betrayal that in turn, leads to an ultimate showdown that threatens one of their lives. 

Because of his web of lies and secrets, Damien’s personal life is a disaster. His professional life, on the other hand, couldn’t be better. He is selected to represent his school at a national teaching conference. While on this trip, he accidentally stumbles across evidence that questions everything he knows to be true. Is Damien’s mind playing a dirty trick on him or is this newfound information actually reality? 

Crimes of the Heart 2: The Aftermath, is a story of secrets, lies, betrayal and redemption. Just how far would a remorseful mother go to protect her flesh and blood?

Jaxon Grant Crimes of the Heart 3: The Resurrection
Crimes of the Heart 3:
The Resurrection


How would it feel to wake up every day, not knowing who you really are? How would it feel to know that the only family you have is your mother and baby sister? How would it feel to know that your mother is lying to you? Everyone around you is lying to you. Meet Raphael. 

Three months prior, fate allowed Raphael come in contact with a man that claimed he knew him. That chance encounter triggered a series of reoccurring dreams, filled with people he didn't recognize. He thought he was going insane; the dreams felt real. Upon the advice of his friend, he even sought out a psychiatrist. He was desperate for the truth, but the truth isn't always kind. 

Raphael and his friend went on a vacation to celebrate their college graduation. In Atlanta, Raphael saw another man that he felt he knew, but was afraid to approach. Seeing that stranger was the key he needed to solve his own investigation as to who he really was. Realizing what he had done in his past frightened him. He was tired of being lied to; he was tired of being hidden. Raphael took actions into his own hands. He was coming to Orlando. He was coming to gain his old life back. His family was going to be in for the shock of their lives. He had resurrected. 

Join Raphael and the crew on this final journey, as this web of secrets, lies and betrayal comes to a head. Someone must—and will—pay!

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