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Life of a College Bandsman

Jaxon Grant Life of a College Bandsman
Life of a College Bandsman

Meet Zach. He’s young, smart, ambitious, energetic and sexy. After graduating high school, he heads to college with dreams of joining his favorite marching band, the Florida A&M University Marching ‘100’. His world changes the day he steps on FAMU’s campus. 

During his first semester at FAMU, Zach creates unbreakable bonds with select band mates that help shape the rest of his life. While Zach builds a secret relationship with a top ranking band leader, there is only one dude he really wants, but can’t have. As a result, the two build a close-knit friendship that raises questions about their sexualities within the band. In balancing his new love life—in addition to class, the issues with his mother and the stress of band practice—he also deals with hazing, theft and a band director who does everything possible to make Zach’s life a living hell. Will Zach achieve his dream of joining this world famous marching band, or will he give into the pressure and quit? Will he overcome all the obstacles thrown his way and make it through the season? Will he make the final cut? 

Jaxon Grant pens a coming of age tale, not just about band but the story of life. You’ll see these characters grow from college freshmen to men with families, and all the drama there within, as the Bandsman series spans fifteen years. In the first entry, join Zach and the crew as they lay the foundation for an epic eleven book series that you’ll never forget.

Jaxon Grant Life of a College Bandsman 2: Is This Love
Life of a College Bandsman 2:
Is This Love

Zach is returning to Tallahassee to start his second year of college and his second year in the world famous FAMU Marching ‘100’ band. At the end of his first semester in college, a certain relationship ended roughly, but now he’s back and picking up the pieces to his young life. 

In the second entry of a venturesome eleven book series, the gang of characters continue to grow. Dwight and Zach’s relationship are taken to higher heights. A certain situation occurs between them making it hard for one of the friends to separate fact from fiction. Tony celebrates the birth of his son, moves to Tallahassee to play football for the Florida State Seminoles and meets a potential, unexpected lover. Micah does something so crazy that could possibly change the course for the rest of his life and threaten the relationship he’s building with Kris. Back in Norfolk, the Harris’ family troubles are only scratching the surface. Raidon is dealt a major blow, while the rest of the Harris clan deal with the turmoil created by their mother and father. In an unbelievable move, Chaz and Ra’Jon team up to do the unthinkable which could have disastrous, murderous results. 

The mix of old and new characters, the twists and turns, and the secrets and revelations only add to the excitement and drama, making this entry one crazy ride. Join Zach and his friends, as the second book in this series is guaranteed to leave you speechless, posing the question—is this love?

Jaxon Grant Life of a College Bandsman 3: Stuck on Stupid
Life of a College Bandsman 3:
Stuck on Stupid

The year is 2005 and the saga has moved ahead eighteen months, with Zach getting ready to start his fourth year of college. Zach finds himself in crazy situations with new roommates, former lovers, and new sexual partners, while dealing with the reality that an old flame is about to be married. He’s still coping with Dwight’s rejection, although there are red flags everywhere questioning Dwight’s sexuality. Zach’s impending graduation could be in jeopardy and to make matters worse, he learns devastating news regarding the health of two beloved family members. 

After a year away, Micah is ready to return to Tallahassee—and to Kris. The only problem is the Kris he left is not the Kris that he returns to. Kris’ connection to a certain person could shatter everything Micah has worked so hard to keep secret. 

Dwight’s carelessness and sneakiness has put him in three senseless situations, each with life-altering consequences. Something he’s done in his past will also come back to rock his world! Will he still be standing once all the dust settles?

In third entry of an eleven book series, the gang of friends are back with more drama, more life-changing experiences, more jaw-droppers and more non-stop action! Come join the fun, as the seeds that are planted in this book, leads to a dramatic and unforgettable book four in which nothing will ever be the same!

Jaxon Grant Life of a College Bandsman 4: Hell on Earth
Life of a College Bandsman 4:
Hell on Earth

Zach’s grandmother has been warning him about an evil presence in his life from the moment he stepped foot on the campus of Florida A&M University. That evil shows its face in book four. Also, Zach’s faith is put to the ultimate test as he takes several major blows to his life. Will he come up standing after all the dust settles or will he drown in his pity?

Dwight is at a crossroads in his life. What will he do when he can no longer hide from himself? What will become of Zach and Dwight’s relationship? Will they finally take it to the next level?

Three major events happen in Tony’s life over the next five months that will rock him to his core. Everything that he has worked so hard for could be gone in a matter of seconds. What will Tony do when the world turns its back on him? Will he survive this terrifying time in his young life or will he succumb to the pressure? 

Micah takes a turn for the worse as some of his darkest secrets are exposed. The stress of life is wearing him down as he continues to battle being in a dysfunctional relationship. He is silently crying for help, but is anyone listening? Will someone be able to save him or is it already too late? 

All hell breaks loose in the fourth book of this eleven-book series. The ending sequence of events is guaranteed to leave you shocked. The lives of all of these characters will be forever changed! Nothing will ever be the same after this.

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 5: Starting All Over
Life of an EX College Bandsman 5:
Starting All Over

Sex has become Zach’s choice of medicine to deal with the stresses of life in the fifth book of this eleven-book series. As Zach returns to school to further his education, he meets a potential love interest but the budding relationship is threatened by his careless sexcapades. His sexual preference only adds fuel to the fire when his sexuality becomes his mother’s main topic of discussion. What will Zach do when he’s forced to deal with that dreaded question?

While Tony is taking on a huge challenge by raising his son as a single gay father, he’s forced to make tough choices regarding his son’s mother—choices that could have a lasting impact on his future relationship with his son. Tony’s union with Raidon is under fire because of Raidon’s decision to provide shelter for his estranged brother. Will Tony and Raidon get through these tough times or is the writing on the wall? 

Dwight is trying to step up to the plate and become the man he’s destined to be, but his past mistakes are rearing their ugly head. As Dwight elects to take the biggest step forward in his life, will his bad judgements cause his world to shatter into pieces? Will he lose Zach forever because of his life-changing decision? Will this mark the end of Zach and Dwight’s friendship?

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 6: Lovers and Friends
Life of an EX College Bandsman 6:
Lovers and Friends

In the sixth book of an eleven-book series, Zach is facing some of the most challenging times of his life. While his relationship with Dray is soaring, Zach will soon be forced to make a decision that could impact their future. Making matters worse, Zach’s issues with his roommates have reached the boiling point. What will Zach do when his back is pushed against the wall? What will he do in this life or death situation? 

While Tony finally meets the person who is causing so much havoc in his life, that encounter could have fatal results. What will Tony do when he is standing face-to-face with that intruder? What does that mean for his relationship with Raidon? Will the longtime partners come out of this situation ok or will this mark the deadly end? 

As Dwight prepares for the biggest day of his life, he makes a calculated decision that can possibly haunt him for the rest of his life! Not only that, but Lexi receives damaging news about some of Dwight’s relationships. What will become of Dwight and Lexi? What impacts could Dwight’s calculated decision have on the people closest to him? One thing is for certain and that’s Dwight’s decision will change the course of the story forever!

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 7: Nobody's Perfect
Life of an EX College Bandsman 7:
Nobody's Perfect

Zach has a void in his life and desperately wants out of New York. Is this void dire enough to force Zach away from Dray? Both parties are harboring secrets, so turbulent times are on the horizon. Zach and Dray have been together for nearly eight years, but will this partnership make it through the next two months?

To the outside world Dwight is living the perfect life. He has a wife, three kids and a house with a white picket fence. But once you step inside the Taylor household, you’ll quickly discover things are not always what they appear. Over the next two months, Dwight will make some choices that will impact him—and his family—forever.

Tony and Raidon are relocating. TJ isn’t happy about his parent’s decision, but this move will bring three special people into his life that ultimately shows just how small the world really is. 

In the seventh book of an eleven book series, seven years have passed since we’ve last seen the gang of friends and the groundwork is laid for the epic conclusion to this series. And in an amazing twist, Jaxon Grant incorporates a storyline from a previous series that makes everything come full circle. The mix of new and old characters are guaranteed to leave you wanting more, but will also prove that nobody’s perfect.

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 8: Growing Pains
Life of an EX College Bandsman 8:
Growing Pains

Zach’s past transgressions are eating him alive. The weekly counseling sessions with Dray maybe working, but will it force Zach to admit his truth? Dray has hinted that he knows what happened seven years ago, but how? Dray may have bigger problems on his hands though. He’s hiding a secret from his son, and Dray’s baby mother has information that could be fatal for several relationships close to both Dray and Zach. 

Dwight is on the verge of a mental breakdown as his marriage continues to hang in the balance. What his wife does this go around just may push him over the edge. His attorney has advised him of his best options, but Dwight will take her advice? What will Dwight do when he’s had enough? 

Elijah and TJ are coming into their own as young men, but both teenagers are on the brink of disaster. Elijah makes some decisions that could impact his immediate future, while TJ discovers information that turns his world upside down. How will the best friends fare when the dust settles? 

The eighth book of this eleven-book series, covers the next twenty days in the lives of these characters, leading up to Zach’s thirty-third birthday party. Friendships will be tested. Secrets will be revealed. Big commitments—and explosions—are on the horizon, as the last thirty hours will change lives forever.

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 9: Nothing Lasts Forever
Life of an EX College Bandsman 9:
Nothing Lasts Forever

Zach is forced to make a decision about his future which impacts the people closest to him. While Zach continues to battle his personal demons, someone from his past is heading to Atlanta and once it is revealed how they are connected, fireworks will blast! 

Zach, however, isn’t the only person facing a potential nightmare. Dwight is in the middle of a heated divorce when he receives news that will change his life. Will he be able to keep this information away from Lexi or will it all crash and burn in his face? 

Kris’ lies and deceit have finally caught up with him, putting everything he’s worked so hard to achieve at risk. Kris’ most valuable friendships could be destroyed, along with his marriage. Has Kris gone too far or is Rozi willing to give him another chance? 

In the ninth book of an eleven-book series, more secrets will be revealed, as others turn to unusual suspects for steamy sexual encounters. Dray is forced to confront his sexuality, as Phoenix meets a new friend that could pose a threat to some relationships. Elijah makes a big reveal to his parents, while TJ discovers troubling information about his family. More importantly, everything could be at stake for these characters when some of the people they love most is put in a situation out of their control. What will happen to the gang of friends when the unthinkable happens?

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 10: Is He The Reason
Life of an EX College Bandsman 10:
Is He The Reason

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

While Kris and Zach remain in critical condition in the aftermath, the fallout begins. Dray and Dwight have another battle as Zach’s mom expresses her true feelings. This forces one party to completely walk away. Will this unexpected move guide Zach to his rightful lover? Zach also has the conversation with his birth father that’s been eleven years in the making. Will a father-son relationship form, or will that door be forever closed? That, however, will push Zach to do something that may further complicate an already unstable situation. 

As Dwight receives information on the paternity case, a serious threat forces him to change his tone with the divorce. Just how much is he willing to give up to become a single man? 

Keston takes a positive step in seeing his wishes come true, but how will his family deal with the revelation? And there are issues with Phoenix due to the new temptation that has entered Keston’s life. Will Keston remain faithful or will this mark the end of Keston and Phoenix? 

In the tenth book of an eleven-book series, the accident forces Kris to make a few decisions that may haunt him for the rest of his life. Kory takes matters into his own hands, Micah’s family will hate a choice he makes, and Natasha meets a new love interest that has the potential to turn worlds upside down. Tony has a chance encounter that could destroy another marriage, Elijah comes across devastating information, and Genevieve’s holding a big secret. But the ending sequence of events is something that will never be forgotten. This event will shock everyone and forever alter the direction of the story.

Jaxon Grant Life of an EX College Bandsman 11: The Finale
Life of an EX College Bandsman 11:
The Finale

In the final book of this epic, memorable, mind-blowing series, Zach makes a choice regarding his long-term future. Will he pick Dray, Dwight or neither? Zach also comes face-to-face with his father and that interaction could have long-lasting impacts on the brewing relationship with his brother. In a series of heart-to-heart conversations with his mother, he learns the truth of his childhood foundations which shaped him into the man he is today.


Dwight is on the search for liberation as he comes clean to the people he loves the most. He is determined to see his divorce through to the end and doesn’t care what all it might cost him. Kris and Rozi come to a resolution about the issues that plague their marriage. While Rozi is forced to deal with her shattered past, she learns more unwanted news about her family. Will Rozi and Kris make it through the fire or has too much damage been done?  


While Raidon is trying to put his life back together after Micah’s devastating situation, Tony makes an announcement that will forever change their relationship. TJ finds himself in a serious bind as Eli plots to remove Trae from their lives. As Dray continues his sessions with the therapist that brings him closer to healing, Phoenix deals with a situation from his past that can cause imminent danger to his livelihood.


Join Zach and the crew for one final ride as these characters are forced into decisions that will forever shape their destiny as all of their lives finally come full circle.  

Seasons Change

It’s Christmas time, so ‘tis the season to be jolly, right? Well, Zach and Dwight beg to differ. As autumn turns into winter, this couple is in for the fight of their lives. This season will challenge them to their core.


While Zach is preparing for a major change to his family, Dwight is trying to grasp the severity of his personal situation. As the happy couple travels up to mountains to spend the Christmas holiday, tensions will rise. Quite frankly, all hell breaks loose. Someone is holding on to a secret that can affect the rest of their lives. And once that secret is revealed, bombs will explode.


Join us in the twelfth edition to the Life of a College Bandsman series as Jaxon Grant brings two of his top fan-favorite characters back to life as they embark on another unforgettable journey. Old flings will resurface. New life will form. However, when it’s all said and done, will Zach and Dwight stand this new test, or will this union go up in flames?

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