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What Webs We Weave

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave
What Webs We Weave

Secrets destroy lives. Dishonesty ruins relationships. 

Keston, Qier, Raheim and Izzy are four gay best friends who grew up together in Miami, Florida. Even though the four friends are away at college in two Florida cities, they remain as tight as ever, or so they pretend. While they claim they keep nothing from each other, each friend has a dark secret that threatens the relationships they cherish the most. 

Qier, a college football star who’s destined for the NFL, has one of the most damaging secrets of them all. He’s afraid if his secret is exposed, he might have to leave the country. He’s determined to do everything in his power to keep his secret, a secret. 

The game changes when Qier’s most hated enemy, college basketball star Phoenix Cummings, resurfaces. Phoenix poses a direct threat to Qier’s livelihood—in more ways than one. This relationship is a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode. 

In the opening entry of a nine-book short story series, the ground work for an intricate web full of secrets, lies, jealously and crime will begin to tangle right before your eyes. Don’t be fooled—everything isn’t always as it seems.

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 2: Nobody Knows
What Webs We Weave 2:
Nobody Knows

Things are only heating up after Qier’s earth-shattering hit knocked his teammate out. Qier is destined to protect his family at all costs. Qier’s loyalty to his family and friends is unmatched, but will he be loyal enough to reveal his secret to the people he loves the most? In the midst of all the drama in his life, an unexpected character throws Qier a curveball. Is Qier being set up or is someone being shady? What will Qier do? 

Could Keston’s desire to have relationships like his best friends finally be in his reach? One chance encounter at a bus stop could change everything for him. Could this be the love Keston’s been yearning for?

Raheim’s and Izzy’s friendship is taking a turn for the worst. Both are holding on to secrets that could easily destroy lives. What are the two friends hiding from each other? Will they be able to repair what’s broken? 

Phoenix wants to settle down and he thinks he’s found that dude. The only issue is Phoenix’s current boyfriend. In addition to Phoenix’s love life stressing him, his past is haunting him. What really happened in Mississippi? What is he running from? Why is he really in Orlando? 

In the second entry of a nine-book short story series, the web of intricate secrets, lies and jealously continue to tangle, but Qier’s unbelievable dark secret is destined to turn your world upside down. Just remember—everything isn’t always as it seems.

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 3: Finding Your Love
What Webs We Weave 3:
Finding Your Love

Family is the root of all our beings, but Keston’s issues with his family are starting to put suicidal thoughts in his mind. While Keston’s strained relationship with his brother troubles him, the relationship with his father is starting to spiral out of control. Things are starting to get testy with Qier because of Keston’s newfound love. Will Keston be able to have it all? Will he put his happiness on hold to please family? Will Keston’s family be able to accept his truth? 

Qier can only see trouble in Keston’s future. On the surface, it seems that Qier is just an overprotective cousin who only wants to save Keston from going down the wrong road, but is that really it? What is Qier’s motivation for interfering into his cousin’s love life? Why doesn’t Qier want this impending relationship to happen? How far will Qier go to stop Keston’s relationship from blooming? 

Phoenix’s love life is finally on the right path. On Keston and Phoenix’s first date, Phoenix lays everything out on the line, telling his new love all of his secrets—well almost all of his secrets. Making a decision to keep that one secret from his new love is going to haunt Phoenix sooner than he thinks. What is Phoenix keeping from Keston? What is Phoenix’s connection to Izzy? 

In the third entry of a nine-book short story series, unexpected guests arrive, revealing some truths, but tangling the web with more secrets, jealousy and lies. Tensions are thick and fireworks are ready to explode! The ending sequence of events is guaranteed to leave you speechless. Still don’t be fooled—everything isn’t always as it seems.

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 4: Don't Look Back
What Webs We Weave 4:
Don't Look Back

In the fourth entry of a nine-book short story series, Phoenix has been put in an intense situation and he has some tough decisions to make. With the pressure mounting, will he be able to wiggle out of harms way without giving himself up? To make matters worse, Phoenix’s ghosts of Mississippi are haunting him. What will he do?

Keston wants to take a leap on faith and enter a relationship with Phoenix, but something Qier said is lingering in his mind, causing Keston to pull back. With Qier away at the NFL Scouting Combine, Keston feels this is the perfect time to take a chance on love. He wants to move forward, but after Keston’s previously failed relationship, he doesn’t know if he can completely trust Phoenix. Not only that, Cheyenne drops two big bombshells on Keston that is guaranteed to rock some worlds. 

A friend of Raheim enters the story and is destined to ruffle some feathers. He’s young, sexy, outspoken and a firecracker waiting to explode. And when it’s revealed who exactly he’s connected with—all hell is going to break loose.

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 5: Old Terror
What Webs We Weave 5:
Old Terror

Sexual thoughts are flooding Keston’s mind. He wants to push the situation with Phoenix forward, but he’s still cautious not to hurt himself. In an effort to test things, Keston makes an impromptu, bold decision that could forever change his ongoing courtship with Phoenix. 

Qier is starting to have second thoughts about his relationship with Kookie. With the NFL draft approaching, he wonders if he can really keep her real identity a secret. He’s also dealing with the unending issues with his position coach, Yusuf. Qier is upset with something that Yusuf did. Can their secret relationship be repaired, or is it over for good? 

Finally—the big question—what did Phoenix do? What happened in Mississippi? Why is Phoenix in Orlando? Who exactly is Damon Massey? What is his connection to Phoenix? Who are the people in Phoenix’s nightmares? In the fifth entry of a nine-book short story series, all of that is answered as Phoenix’s secret is finally revealed!

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 6: Could You Be
What Webs We Weave 6:
Could You Be

Tough times are ahead for the gang of best friends. Despite everything that is happening in each of their personal lives, they must come together to support one of their own during this trying time. Will this unexpected event bring some of the friends closer, or pull them further apart? 

As Raheim reflects on his life, he is afraid of what could happen to his relationships if his damaging secret were exposed. While hiding his own dirt, he mistakenly comes across another friend’s secret. What will Raheim do with this information? Will he hold on to it, or will he expose it? 

Qier’s mental stability is troubling. He’s dealing with so many personal issues he wants and needs his cousin to be there for him. Qier feels Keston is never there anymore and his arch nemesis is at the root of it all. Could this be the start of a mental breakdown for Qier? 

In the sixth entry of a nine-book short story series, two familiar and well-loved Jaxon Grant characters appear, revealing their relationship to Phoenix. While Phoenix and Keston continue to enjoy their spring break together, other pieces are unknowingly being thrown into the mix that could damage what they are building. After showing Keston what life could be like with him, Phoenix is tired of the games and is ready to push this ongoing courtship into a relationship, but is Phoenix ready for Keston’s response? After some drastic moves, Phoenix believes he has finally rid himself of all the extra baggage named DT and Damon. Is this relationship going to happen or are outside influences messing up everything? With what Damon has planned, he is still an imminent threat to Phoenix’s wellbeing and Phoenix has no idea.

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 7: Thought You Should Know
What Webs We Weave 7:
Thought You Should Know

Book seven of the nine-book short story series picks up with Keston’s shocking revelation to Phoenix. Was it just a simple misunderstanding or was it something deeper? Will they be able to work through it or was that the beginning of the end? 

Qier’s world is changing right before our eyes and he doesn’t know how to deal with it all. His relationship with Keston is only getting worse and he doesn’t see a good ending in sight. To top it off, he’s still battling his internal demons with Kookie. In Qier’s time of distress, he thinks back to his past with Phoenix. Why has Phoenix been a thorn in Qier’s side? Why does Qier hate Phoenix so much? What did Phoenix do? What exactly happened in Miami all those years ago? 

Qier’s issues with Phoenix, coupled with his problems with Keston and Qier’s relationship with Kookie, is all leading Qier towards a nervous breakdown. Will he get the help he needs in time or does what Qier mistakenly stumble upon push him over the edge? Nothing will ever be the same after this shocking jaw-dropper. 

While the intricate web of secrets, lies and jealously continue to tangle, you must remember that everything isn’t always as it seems—or is it?

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 8: Guilty Conscience
What Webs We Weave 8:
Guilty Conscience

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive!

Book eight of the nine-book short story series, immediately jumps back into Qier’s devastating news! How does he proceed knowing this new information? His livelihood is on the line with this recent revelation from his deeply hated foe. Does this mark the end of his seven-year relationship or does he find a way to rise above and finally admit his truth?

Keston and Phoenix are having the time of their lives until Keston receives a phone call that changes everything. Will Keston be able to move past the secret he learns? Is this the final straw?

Izzy is still grieving the loss of his mother, but fakes his feelings so no one would know just how bad he’s hurting. He tries to take his mind off his issues when some friends come to visit. Instead of relaxing, he learns more shocking information that impacts the lives of everyone close to him, forcing him to take an unpopular stance. 

Revenge is the name of Raheim’s game! He’s still hurting over the ultimate betrayal by someone close to him and he’s determined to get that person back for what they’ve done. The real question is how far is Raheim willing to go to make someone else’s life a living hell? Just how low would he stoop?

Jaxon Grant What Webs We Weave 9: Exit Wounds
What Webs We Weave 9:
Exit Wounds

The most important days of Qier’s life are here—his graduation from college and the NFL draft. As Qier celebrates his achievements with family and friends, Kookie is determined to be in the mix. Will Qier give into his fears and introduce the love of his life to his family, or will Kookie crash the party and introduce herself? Will Qier’s life ever be the same after this weekend? 

Keston is still dealing with everything he learned about Phoenix. He wants to look past it and continue on with their relationship, but will the current events surrounding their situation keep him from his true love? Will Keston finally understand his self-worth? 

Phoenix is learning the hard reality about life—to tell the truth at all times, but is it too late? Also, a planned night out with his best friend will have dire consequences for many parties. 

Raheim’s friendship with Izzy is on the brink of disaster. Will Raheim reveal his truth to Izzy? Will Izzy confess to his wrongdoings? Can this friendship be repaired, or has it gone too far? Will Keston, Qier, Raheim and Izzy still be able to call themselves best friends once all the dust clears? 

The unthinkable happens as we reach the final book of this nine-book short story series. Lives will be forever changed. Relationships and friendships will be forever ruined. Nothing will ever be the same after this event! Nothing!

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